Linux Live USB Creator

Linux Live USB Creator – Now lots of people have been questioning?? You’ve got many operating systems on the computer? How do you do it? a lot of people have seen the USB in action. So what you do is get a USB. Download a Linux operating system is a program to make it bootable on the USB they then when the computer turns on the operating system off the USB and start running it.


How to create a bootable USB drive for any Linux operating system out there. But most of us don’t know why or how to create a bootable USB drive for Linux and this is the reason why. Newer computers and smaller computers tend to not have optical drives anymore and so USB is the way to go if you want to use the live operating system for Linux. And the other reason is you might not have any blank CD’s and you just want to use it with USB drive. So let’s get started with Linux Live USB Creator right away because it’s jam packed with a lot of information.


  1. Features
  2. USB stick/drive
  3. Linux Distributions

Linux Live USB Creator is a totally free-to-use and open-source software application for Windows operating system. It has been assemble with the quality or condition of being easy to understand with extensive features and this python program created without difficulty that can be used by anyone. Just simply clicks enough to operate this program as you only have to do are to pick up your favorite version of a Linux operating system and give it a try.


Are you fed up with keep rebooting your computer while installing new operating systems? just give your try Linux? Stop rebooting process after using Linux Live USB Creator. As it has great built-in options like virtualization feature that lets you run your Linux operating system within Windows operating system.

Big Wow’s! You can try most popular Linux distributions of all the time? Starting off with Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, OpenSUSE, Mint, Slax, CentOS, ArchLinux, Gentoo, PCLinuxOS, Sabayon, BackTrack, Puppy Linux to the never ending index of Linux operating systems. …

On the top of that, the best feature of this application is persistence. Installing Linux distributions using Live USB key which is far better than using a Live CD or DVD. Linux Live USB Creator works with many Linux distributions; you can also install the Linux operating systems which is not officially supported on your platform.

Linux Live USB Creator is also known as LiLi in short.

Linux Live USB Creator

Some more important features of Linux Live USB Creator Software

  • Quick-witted processing: Linux Live USB Creator works with various Linux distributions
  • Hidden installation: Great feature of Linux Live USB Creator hides the Linux installation and USB keys stay clean.
  • File rectitude: LiLi show you notifications if your ISO image data file is damaged or corrupted
  • Keeps your data on your USB device (formats only if needed)
  • Intelligent formatting: LiLi can format micro drive disks having a size more than 32 Gigabyte
  • Auto-updating of Software: You will receive notifications on automatic updates when new Linux distributions are released or available to install
  • LiLi also capable of working many image burning formats including .IMG files types (experimental)

Installing Linux using Linux Live USB Creator software is a pretty familiar one in the old days you had to set aside entire day to like swap all the floppies and then in the slightly less old days you had to install off of the desk and then you had to download all your updates on like dialup or whatever. But nowadays Linux has improved the installation process so much the installing or even upgrading Linux is very quick and easy using Linux live USB creator open-source application.

One of the biggest problems with the old ways of installing Linux is that you need to this slow physical media whether it’s a floppy disk or an optical desk and many of us myself included don’t even have a optical disk drive in our systems anymore but whoever wrote this script needs to remember that the writing for you to say it and you do have optical disk drive anyway. The point is not that the point is that if you don’t have an optical disc drive and you can simply use an external reader so you just get a USB drive it has the added benefit of being able to use on multiple systems but you don’t even have to go through that any more times and changed you can be up and running Linux in like 7 minutes these days so for all of you that haven’t installed Linux in a long time those bottlenecks lake the disk read speed are mostly addressed due to the advantages given to us by U. S. B. drives.

You need a few things.

Number one. Get a USB stick/drive whatever you call it USB stick, USB drive or USB jump drive whatever. So just get a USB jump drive and make sure has at least one gigabyte of that’s it one gigabyte and if you don’t have USB drive this go to the store and buy one like $5 now would be waiting for. So once you have the USB drive just put it off to the side real quick.

Let’s get started off you going to need 2 things

One a computer with a USB port and two is U. S. B. preferably over 4 gigabytes. Stick the U. S. B. into the USB port. If your computer has a tell us that the U.S.B port should be very easy to spot it can be seen it with the USB port symbol simply sticking the U.S.B and that’s step one complete. Laptop computers also have you USB Ports so can simply stick into the laptop. Even the famous Mac book has a USB port. Unfortunately not all devices have a USB port (iPad, iPod, other devices)